The Power of Digital Products

Digital products have plenty of advantages to sell on the internet. Digital products that are common include e-books, software, videos and audio files that can be downloaded easily off the internet after purchase. You do not need a warehouse to store these products, but just some space on your hard disk or thumb drive. You do not need your customers to pay you shipping fees, and the best thing, is that your customers get instant gratification by instantly receiving the purchased products.

Look at software digital products. There are all kinds of software out there to help you, be it to improve your productivity, or for entertainment such as video games. The software sellers offer to solve your problems, sometimes for free (freeware), or as shareware (software for you to try, but has limitations or trial periods), or as selling software. One example of it is the Winzip software that a lot of us are familiar with. It is a shareware, where you can try it for a limited period, and you need to pay to continue to use it. A good example of a freeware is the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader to read all kinds of pdf files.

Another type of popular digital products are media files. You can download the latest song by Madonna off the internet by going to I-Tunes, or an online record store.

And the easiest product to create is often the e-book. If you are an expert in a certain niche, e.g. fly fishing or baking pizza, you can write a 30-50 page book on your subject of expertise and sell it on the internet for a fee. All you need is to do some research, combine that with your own skills and experiences, and then plonk all those info into a Word file, convert it to a pdf file, and voila, you have an e-book to sell. You can also sell your e-book as one with resell rights, so that your customer who purchased the e-book from you, can in turn resell the e-book to another. You can include your URLs and marketing information in the e-book, so that viral marketing can occur when your customers resell it.

Always stay on the safe side of the law. Yes, the internet can be a wild, wild west of information playground, but be ethical, and play by the legal rules so that you do not take unnecessary risks that can shut down your business prematurely, or lose all credibility with your customers. Even if you play by the rules, there’s still plenty of ways to make money!

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