Animal Agents Game Review

Cerasus Media has delivered quite a good one-two punch with their Animal Agents game, a Hidden Object mystery casual game that offers twice the action, twice the puzzles, and twice the excitement than other games within its genre. And why is that so? Well, let’s find out with this review, shall we?

Well, as far as Hidden Object games go, the mechanics of the Animal Agents game is just the same as you may have been used to before. Find all the objects within your list per each level, unlock another part of the story, and then you’re done… just as simple as that. But what really sets this game apart is the two unique features I have not yet seen on other Hidden Object games. One is the parallel story lines, and the other is the one of a kind list presentations. And really, with these stuff added to this game, we may be looking at the evolution of the Hidden Object genre and eventually say goodbye to its almost redundant game play.

Anyway, as I said before, the Animal Agents game actually has parallel story lines wherein you get to play each version of the game’s story between the two protagonists. At the start of the game, you get to choose between Anna and Justin on how you will tackle your sleuthing adventure and solve the mystery between their two different point of views. These two stories are just the same but each protagonist tackles it on a different approach, thus doubling the overall game time of the adventure. This may also mean that in the end, we may get to see them meet each other, but I won’t spoil your fun so that’s really for you to find out. 🙂

Another unique feature of the Animal Agents game is how the object lists are presented depending on each level. Most of the time in Hidden Object games, we’re already used to the static object lists, therefore I’m really glad that I get to experience uniqueness in this game for a change. Anyway, the object lists are presented in either of the following varieties:

1. Traditional object list – what we are already used to see in most Hidden Object games.

2. Silhouette object list – you’ll have to pattern the given white silhouettes to the actual objects in the room.

3. Phrase object list – various NPCs in the game are talking to you and instructing you to find particular objects of interest.

4. Sound object list – you have to listen carefully on this one and try to associate the sound with a hidden object.

All in all, the Animal Agents game is really a fun game that fuses a great story line to its one of a kind Hidden Object game play. I really find it very engaging mainly because unlike most games of this type, the Animal Agents game actually offers something new for my senses and from what I know about players is that they really do appreciate experiencing something unique in their choice of game genres. Of course, the game is also not perfect in all ways, but most of its imperfections are just minor things that you can easily overlook – like some unrelated music with respect to the background and some objects unrealistically hidden on a particular scenario.

It’s unique, it’s challenging and it’s fun. And considering its minor flaws, I really suggest you try the Animal Agents game too.

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